Varanasi Jacket

In this design I wanted to show  femininity and finesse.  I gave it this name because Benares is where the Indians travel to purify themselves in the waters and brighten their souls.

In the end a mixture of blues, sequin glitters and pearls seemed like something pure to me like water.

Handmade embroidery: Daisies, button roses with pearls in the center. Pearls on the neck and on the sleeves simulating raindrops. It also has handmade stitches in the colored pockets on the right and pearls on the left.

Machine embroidery: Colored patches for back and front left with tassels, Indian brush accessories and colored strips.The pearls that I use in this embroidery have different sizes since I wanted them to be allusive to the rain, giving the weight and the most similar texture that could be.