Delhi Jacket

As the first city I met in India I decided to call this jacket, in honor of all the works of art I met there at the different street markets in the city.

From the first moment I arrived in India I fell in love with those colorful embroideries with hand-detailed Indian accessories, with each rough detail so much so that I decided to apply it to my style of embroidery.

Here I lost my adventures with embroidery.

Embroidered Patch: for pocket and upper left, in warm colors with glitter. Finishes: Tassels and coins to give weight to the jacket and movement. At the end we also had a touch of glitter in the embroidered flowers, all the centers and some petals have brilliant embroidery completely by hand.

I still have a lot to experiment with embroidery, but the truth is that the different versions I made of the first design were an incredible adventure that left me wanting more.